Sipart PS2


The SIPART PS2 positioner is used, for example, in the following industries:

  • Chemical/petrochemical

  • Power stations

  • Paper and glass

  • Water, waste water

  • Food and pharmaceuticals

  • Offshore plants

The SIPART PS2 positioner can be used with all pneumatic actuators and is available for delivery:

  • In various enclosure designs and various materials (polycarbonate, aluminium, and stainless steel)

  • For non-hazardous applications

  • For hazardous applications in the versions - Intrinsic safety type of protection - Flameproof enclosure type of protection - Non-sparking type of protection - Dust protection by enclosure type of protection and in the versions:

  • With 0/4 ... 20 mA control with/without communication through HART signal

  • With PROFIBUS PA communication interface

  • With FOUNDATION Field bus (FF) communications interface


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