Operation: Vapour Pressure or Vacuum from the process is connected to one end of the manometer. Rise/Fall of Manometer Fluid meniscus shows pressure, Vacuum of differential pressure.


  • U - Tube

  • Single/Inclined Limb

  • Body - Aluminum/wooden/SS


No moving parts

Calibration accuracy

Zero Adjustment


MOC: 316/PP, Borosil Capillary

Range: Vacuum to 2 Bar

System pressure: 20 Bar Max

Operational Temperature: 300 degree celcius (Consult works)

Applications: Calibration, process vacuum, exhaust, etc.

Sight Flow Indicators

Connected in piplines, they show flowing liquids under pressure and vacuum through cylindrical glass or toughened glass window.

Features: MOC: CS, SS, 316, PP or PTFE lined for Universal Corrosion Resistance.
Operational Pressure: Absolute Vacuum to 20 Bar Maximum. Operational Temperature: Indian Glass 150 degree, Maxos German 300 degree.
Options: Drip lip, Flapper, Rotowheel


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