Magnetic Level Indicators
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Liquefied Gases like Ammonia, Chlorine, LPG, Propane, C4-Cut, AHF, EO, Ethylene, Pesticides, Petrochemicals, Hot Oils, Acids, Alkalies, Brine, Water, Interface etc.

  • Operation: Float guided in the tank or in the external chamber, moves with level. Magnetically coupled Indicap follower or bi-colored Rotocyls, indicate level externally.

  • Features:

    • MOC: CS, SS, PP, PVDF

    • Operational Pressures: Abs. Vacuum to 30 Bar,

    • Range: 300-6000 mm,

    • Operational Temperature: -50 degrees to 300 degrees.

  • Highlights:

    • Rugged Metal Chamber,

    • Rotocyl/Indicap Follower Indication,

    • Magnatrans Reed Resistor Transmitter - with 4-20mA - IS 5780 - Gr IIC&/or HART digital intrinsically safe proportionate output to Ex ia IITC T4.

    • Magnalatch step-less

    • Adjustable Limit Switches.


Rotocyl - Rotating Bipolar Magnet Display

The “Bi-coloured Rotocyl” system comprises of series of bicoloured cylinders that hold each other by tiny magnets within. As the strong magnet of the float moves behind them, they turn inside out. Level is indicated as rising bar of yellow. In contrast empty space above is seen as black. Resolution limited by Rotocyl width.

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Add ons

Level Switch


Latching type magnetically actuated level
switch, mounted externally in a weatherproof (flameproof) enclosure, gives potential free output when the liquid reaches a preset level.

Technical Specifications:

  • Enclosure: Die-cast Aluminium LM6.

  • Protection: Weatherproof IP66,

  • Flameproof IS2148 Gr-II a II b ( II C)

  • Temperature Class: T6

  • Cable Entry: ½” NPT (F)

  • Adjustment: Step-less over the entire range

  • Type of switch: Snap acting Microswitch.

  • Contact Form: 1 SPDT ( 2 SPDT)

  • Contact Rating: 5 A 240 VAC

  • Differnetial : 12 mm

Magnetically Actuated Level Transmitter


Working: A magnetic float (for side-mounted magnetic level indicator) or a magnetic tip (for top-mounted magnetic level indicator) moves in a chamber on which the sensor is mounted. Magnetically operated reed switches connected to a string of resistors, sense the level signal. The sensor resistance varies in proportion to level. This is converted into 4 to 20 mA current by the Loop Powered Transmitter. LCD display(optional) locally shows the reading.

Technical Specification:

  • Electrical Sensor: Resistive

  • Resolution : 1 cm.

  • Excitation: 2V nom.

  • Adjustments: Zero (4mA), Full Scale (20mA)

  • Output : 4...20 mA, 30mA max.

  • Power: 12...30 V (from the loop)

  • Burden : < 750 ohms.

  • Protection: Against loop reversal

  • Indication : 3 ½ digit LCD (optional)

  • Intrinsic safety: EEx ia IIC T6. Cert.No. CMRI/ TC/H512 dt 04 Apr 97

  • Mechanical Enclosure: Die Cast Aluminium LM6

  • Protection: IP 65 IS 2148 Gr IIa II b Cert. No. CMRI/TC/H293 dt.26 Feb 97

  • Cable Entry: 1/2” NPT (F)

  • Terminals: Screw type.


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