Flow Transmitters

Magnetic Flow Meter


Electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for measuring the flow of almost all electrically conductive liquids, pastes and slurries. A prerequisite is that the medium must have a minimum conductivity. The temperature, pressure, density and viscosity have no influence on the result. The main applications of the electromagnetic flow meters can be found in the following sectors:

  • Water and waste water. 

  • Chemical industries

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Mining, aggregates and cements industries

  • Pulp and paper industry

  • Steel industry

  • Power; utility and chilled water industry


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Mass Flow Meters


SITRANS FCS400 mass flow meters are especially suitable for applications for machine builder, skid manufacturer and OEM's in general for the process industry where there is a demand for accurate flow measurement. The meter is capable of measuring both liquid and gas flow. Coriolis flow meters can be applied in all industries, such as:

  •  Chemical: detergents, bulk chemicals, acids, alkalis, paint mixing systems, solvents and resins, fertilizer, technical gases

  • Oil & Gas Processing

  • Hydrocarbon processing: oil refining, derivatives manufacturing, polymerization

  • Power industry processing

  • Marine Application : Fuel management & consumption; bunkering solutions ; Boiler control

  • Food & Beverage: Dairy products, beer, wine, Alcohol / spirit, soft drinks, °Brix/°Plato, fruit juices     and pulps, bottling, CO2 dosing, CIP/SIP-liquids, mixture recipe control


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Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Inline ultrasonic flow meter are suitable for measuring the flow of liquids with good acoustic permeability, independent of conductor, viscosity, temperature, density and pressure. The main application can be found in the following sectors:

  • Raw water intake for water treatment plants.

  • Treated waste water.

  • Power generation and utility.

  • Oil and gas industry and petrochemical industry.

  • Irrigation systems.

  • Plants transporting non conductive liquids.


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Vortex flow meter.jpg

Vortex Flow Meter


The main application can be found in the following sectors:

  • Chemical

  • Petrochemical

  • Oil and Gas

  • Power Plants

  • Food and Beverages

  • Pulp and paper


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