Direct Gauges, Floats & Board Indicators

Heavy Duty Tubular Gauge

Applications: Simple liquids in small tanks, water, acids, alkalies, solvents, oils.

Operation: Level is seen through heavy wall borosil glass tube, protected by heavy duty box type guard made out of steel channels. Ends sealed by PTFE bolted gland. Bolted construction ensures long life.

Versions: Heavy Duty and Eco-gauge


  • Automatic shutting of all ball checks

  • Isolation Valves

  • 16mm & 19mm borosil glass

  • Scales - Aluminium/SS/Acrylic

  • Drain/Vent Valves

  • Acrylic Cover

Highlights: Bolted Gland design with

  • Box type heavy duty steel protection

  • Corrosion resitant and light weight FRP Guard.



Operational Pressure: Absolute Vacuum to 8 bar.

Range: Upto 3000 mm

Operational Temperature: 0 degree to 120 Degrees

Reflex - Transparent Level Gauges

Application: Liquefied - Ammonia, Petrochemicals, E.O, Boiler Water, Pesticides, Hot Oils, Solvents, Acids, Etc.


  • IBR/Non-IBR

  • Reflex/Transparent

  • Standard/Large Chamber


  • Borosil  Soda Silicate glasses

  • Non-Frost Extension

  • Mica Protection

  • Ex-proof Illuminator

  • Alloy Steel/CS hardware

  • Low/High/Very High pressure Designs


  • Extremely rugged and safe.

  • Suitable for very high pressure upto 150 bar.


MOC: CS, SS, Forging/barstock

Range: Upto 3000 mm - Single piece

Operational Pressure: Absolute vacuum to 150 Bar

Operational Temperature: -50 degrees to 300 degrees

Glidomat - Float and Board Indicator

Standard Storage of Oils, water, Alkalies, Acids, etc.
Magnaseal for vapour tight applications like solvents and HCL etc.

Operations: A large float follows the liquid level. a rope attached to it moves over pair of pulleys. Level is indicated by pointer, on 150 mm wide aluminum scale directly or by magnetically isolated external bi-colored Roto-cylinders/follower capsule.


Self centering float needs no guide wires

Large roller guided pointer

Corrosion resistant modularscales

Choice of PP wetted parts.


MOC: SS, PP Lined

Range: Upto 20 meters

Operational Temperature: - 50 to 300 degree celcius

Operational Pressure: Atmospheric to 1000 mmWC


  • U-SEAL - For Vapour arrest

  • MAGNATRANS Transmitter IS-5780 Gr. IIC

  • MAGNALATCH Switches IS 2148 Gr. IIa, IIb


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